'Who are you?'

'Can't remember, can you?' 

'Camels or Marlboro? Think you even smoke?'

'Think you talk like that?'


Sam Sutherland's a cop from New York City. He recently went undercover, investigating some dodgy outfit operating out of a poker club, shipments going missing in the port...


It's May, 1959, and three bodies have been found. Three different women and they're linked. Papers are saying serial murders. Then there was the Argentinian in the motel - mob related, they thought. Problem is, you got something of his...

'Where'd you get that?'


For us, VR is all about storytelling that let's you be the protagonist. 

We're creating a first-person, immersive, bodily experience. We've pained over our control scheme to make it as intuitive as possible for that all-important sense of presence.

Our gameplay is real-world: solving physical puzzles, discovering clues, unlocking memories, interacting with characters.

There's no cut-scenes in VR. The action is all around you and we want it to be as cinematic and atmospheric as possible. Listen to our original score for a flavour...