Wellcome Trust Development Grant


Private Eye has successfully won a development grant from the UK based charitable foundation the Wellcome Trust.  Not only will this provide us with the time and resources to bring the game to Kickstarter (finally!), but has initiated a dialogue between ourselves and a Dr. Daniel Freeman, a professor of clinical psychology.

Dr. Freeman has a tremendous understanding of psychiatric disorders with expertise in understanding paranoia, psychosis and schizophrenia.  With Daniel’s help, Private Eye will aim to create an accurate, scientific representation of a psychiatric disorder for players to experience.  Daniel’s relevance to this project is further bolstered by the fact that his team operates a Virtual Reality lab for the treatment of these conditions, thus already carrying experience of recreating the symptoms and stimuli within the virtual space.

We will continue our consultations with a Dr. Nathan Illman, who holds a PhD in memory impairment, to ensure the memory loss suffered by our protagonist is reflective of the true condition.  Nathan has already provided great insights into both long-term and short-term memory loss which has shaped the narrative greatly.  With both Daniel and Nathan on board, we now have the expertise in our team to ensure a solid understanding of the triggers and manifestations of the condition we wish to represent.

This will all contribute towards an experience that is thrilling and cinematic as we’re coming up with exciting ideas for how we can execute this narrative creatively and visually.

The Wellcome Trust grant has enabled much more time to be devoted to Private Eye to get us to the Kickstarter.  Due to this very reason, it now means the mobile side-project will be put on hold, but we’ll definitely be revisiting this further down the line.

From now until October, we will be paving the way to the best possible Kickstarter project we can make.  We are working to produce the most solid codebase for creating scenes as efficiently as possible.  Using this, we will produce a polished 20 minute demo to be released with the campaign.  We’ll also be fleshing out the entire storyboard with every scene needed.

It has been quite a journey to make it this far and so much as been acquired in the process.  The story has been developed vastly as we have learned more about what we want to say and what is and isn’t possible within the resources we have.

Thanks to the Wellcome Trust for the encouragement that their support for Private Eye has brought us and to all that have been interested in our journey and are excited for what comes next.  I hope to post more frequent updates, expect more development updates from here on in as we approach the Kickstarter.

Cheers! Jake