The Story Emerges

Here is an introduction to the story of Private Eye!  More will be revealed later but hopefully this will get you excited.

Open your eyes - you've been in an accident.  You're told you will never walk again.

Back in your apartment you struggle with a thick fog that now engulfs your memory. The accident has not only paralyzed your body but also your mind. You stare hopelessly out of the window in an attempt to recognize a now alien New York neighborhood.

In amongst a sea of seemingly foreign possessions, a pair of old, warn binoculars hold your gaze. Slowly, the fog begins to clear as the first glimpse of your past emerges...

Private Eye puts the player in the role of the 1950's New York detective Sam Sunderland, faced with the task of piecing back together his memory after an accident has left him with severe amnesia. But in the city that never sleeps, Sam has even bigger concerns: a high profile murder has taken place on his doorstep, and there are fears the killer will strike again. Confined to his apartment but armed with a pair of binoculars, Sam must use his unique vantage point to unmask the killer. However, with his memory no longer intact, everybody's a suspect.

But this all feels too familiar... Does the answer to this mystery already lie somewhere within himself? Sam realizes that this is one investigation which will lead him outside of his window and inside his mind...