Private Eye VR Jam (or Private Eye Jr.)

Private Eye was first conceived as an entry to the VR Jam competition ran by Oculus.  Here is some gameplay footage (thanks to Jon Nonya): 

The original premise was to create a cerebral alternative to the tried and tested "find-an-object/thing" game mechanic coupled with a dynamic and atmospheric environment.  The VR Jam had a development span of 3 weeks and this factored into some of the shortcomings of the final game.  The "dynamic" environment was unfortunately heavily reliant on looping animations. Feedback also high-lighted the need for stronger player direction. In terms of story, we were limited to a series of fairly linear tasks, and the absence of a strong narrative arc made for a less atmospheric game. For the new edition, the premise hasn't changed too much but with time, funds and a bigger team, the execution will.

So back to Private Eye VR Jam (known internally as Private Eye Jr.), it was a great feat in those three weeks, but all I see now is ways to refine and add to the whole experience. The story and atmosphere will be the new focus of the game, but we will look to make every aspect of what you saw in Private Eye Jr better.  This will not be simply adding more environments and making tasks a little more complex, but completely redesigning the experience and methods of player interaction.

Ok, back to work!