Private Eye Blog is Born

Due to the encouraging words of friends, family and everyone on the Oculus VR forum I have made the (maybe unwise) decision to continue development of my little Oculus Jam game - Private Eye.

For those who are unaware the game pits you as a private investigator pinned to a wheelchair. Using a pair of binoculars you peer into neighbour's windows to gather clues to the identity of a killer before he strikes again (think shameless 'Rear Window' ripoff!). I put together a trailer (which naturally shows all the best bits) but if you don't want any spoilers please go ahead and download and play the game first (link below).

I hope this blog will keep updated, be of interest to people and to give others the opportunity to lend their opinions and suggestions. I hope at the end of this journey I have a true and proper game I can be proud of and can be enjoyed by all.

Right let's get started...