A busy day ends a busy week for Private Eye. First off, Private Eye enjoyed a fantastic reception from the guys at the Bossa Studios meetup. Big thanks to those guys for hosting an awesome event, lots of great people and great ideas, can’t wait for the next.  Volunteers jumped into the Jam demo for a Private Eye quickie followed by a Q&A about what they liked or thought needed improvement. The general impression we were left with was praise for Private Eye’s core mechanics, especially the “locked-down” predicament of the player as it was felt to really add to the sense of immersion.  There was lots of praise over the binocular control mechanism too.

This response was especially encouraging as they are two fundamental mechanisms making their way into the full game. I followed this with a short presentation on some of the design decisions made and the difficulties I ran into during the short 3 weeks of development.  The presentation closed with the announcement of the full-game version of Private Eye and what improvements will be made over the Jam demo.