No shiny shiny just yet

Wondering what we've been up to?  Unfortunately, we haven't got anything new and shiny to show off just yet, but there has been a large amount of growing and goings on behind the scenes. As we further developed the scope of the full game, it became more and more apparent that the bedrock that we had been creating our content on wasn't going to support it.  We could have pushed on and most likely built a decent demo to take to Kickstarter, but this foundation would never have lasted the distance, it had to be torn up and relaid at some point.  We took the decision that this should come sooner rather than later, we thought it would mean that the Kickstarter demo would more readily reflect the quality of the final game and save us time with less to redo in the long-run.

Over the past few months we have split the monolith, single Private Eye project into multiple sub-projects to make managing content and code easier.  Unity doesn't exactly make it easy to do this but we got there in the end.  For instance, we now have a project for artists to create assets in, complete with a wizard to transform them into key assets that can be interactedwith in the game.  Content creation will be far more efficient which will vastly speed up the process to Kickstarter from here on in.  We also have a separate project totally devoted to the player control as we find this needs constant refinement and features added.  This process was accompanied by securing the whole project under source control, time consuming but very necessary.

There has been a flurry of activity in recent months regarding the narrative but as always we want to keep that firmly held back.  This was initiated by some great sessions we had with a Dr. Nathan Illman, a clinical psychologist specialising in Amnesia.  We want to bring an accurate reflection of retrograde amnesia and deliver a true representation to player.  At first we were concerned this may constrain our original narrative, but to our surprise a little restraint has actually empowered us. By being forced to be more creative with how we tell the story, we have found a new angle which we believe will deliver a much stronger and layered game-story.

Overall, we are sorry we don't have anything super shiny to show right now but we are constantly pushing as hard as possible and always trying to make the right decisions to better the game and get the best demo we can to Kickstarter.  Next update should see lots of new content and hopefully the home straight to the demo and Kickstarter.

Thanks!  Jake & Co