Calling all Art Directors

Over the course of Private Eye's lifespan, we have worked with a number of talented people who have contributed hugely to the effort.  We have worked with and continue to work with writers, sound designers, composer, several 2D and 3D artists (this makes up a big portion of the contributors as it includes concept artists, texture artists, storyboarding, 3D modellers), programmers and voice actors.  Unfortunately the majority of the contribution has had to be completed in a very piece by piece way as there wasn’t the funds to have everyone working together in a co-ordinated effort.  If our Kickstarter is successful, this situation would change, we would be able to get everyone working together and as a cohesive unit.  That is what we are working towards and can now see on the horizon.

Our current test Hospital scene - we hope an art director would help us shape the visual direction of the game

The situation currently is a core team that exists of myself (director/developer), Penny Lunn (writer) and Joff Winks (composer).  We're fully committed to our Kickstarter trajectory and think that if we continue doing what we are doing we have all the talent and commitment to make this happen.  However, throughout this entire process, one key area has been missing.  It’s a vital role and one that we think shapes the fundamentals that will go on to define the game.  That role is an art director and it's a role we desperately need to fill.  We are now reaching out to find this person. Essentially we are looking for someone who will be incredibly passionate and driven by the fact that they are a key part in the creation something they feel super passionate about.  To be part of the creative process that will shape the visual style of the game, help define scenes and their atmosphere and lead the assets team.  We aren't looking for someone with massive amounts of experience (although any would be great), what we are looking for it someone who is passionate about the type of game we are trying to make and will help us get there.

Right now there won't be a massive amounts of work, something you could probably do in your spare time but moving forwards that could potentially change into a fulltime position.

What type of things would be really helpful:

  • Be able to knock out a 2D sketch of a scene, character or asset
  • Concept art
  • Help define the Private Eye visual style
  • Real passion to help us create a filmic psychological thriller game
  • Take us from a description of atmosphere to actual content of a scene
  • Fondness for the 1940s-50s era and noir in general
  • Be part of the core, creative process

So if you would be interested in this role, know someone that may fit what we're looking for or would like to ask any questions then please get in touch at my email:


p.s We have a mood board here that might be helpful in the type of look/style we are inspired by